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Mar 14, 2000  Cause of Eating Disorders In America, today we often hear of people who suffer from illness such as cancer, aids etc. what we often dont hear about is the illness that effects a lot of people each year that being eating disorders.

Liver and kidney failure cacn also be a devastating effect of this disorder. Liver failure is caused by fasting and taking acedometophine which people with eating disorders do often. Kidney failure is caused by a the lack of vitimans that Essay on Cause and Effect of Eating Disorders Eating disorders are very serious mental and physical health diseases. Although, contrary to popular belief, they are not started by depression or the single cause of weight loss and controlling the body shape.

The Causes of Eating Disorders Essay 1994 Words 8 Pages. The Causes of Eating Disorders There is no single cause for eating disorders. Eating disorders are more than just going on a diet to lose weight or trying to exercise everyday, they are extremes in eating behavior. For example, the diet that never ends and as time passes it gets stricter or the person who can not go out with friends or family because he or she thinks it is more important to go running.

There are multiple causes of eating disorders. Biological factors and social media are just a few examples of how a person can develop an eating disorder. There are many ways to prevent eating disorders but if you do not get rid of the causes then the effect will never go away. Works Cited Are Eating Disorders Heritable? Pyschology Today. Eating Disorders Essay. Eating Disorders The two main eating disorders faced are Anorexia and Bulimia.

Anorexia Nervosa, commonly called Anorexia, is an eating disorder in which the person loses more weight than what is considered healthy. This may be through a lack of eating, extreme dieting, or excessive exercise. There are many risk factors when it comes to Eating disorders (Berk, 2010). It can begin in early adolescents and sometimes in late childhood (Lock, Fitz, & Patrick, 2009). The risk factors can be caused by a number of things that can be treated to help a person with an eating disorder live a happy normal life.

" Anorexia Cause And Effect" essaysAnorexia is a condition that affects every part of you, your body, and your mind. In the world that we live in, where on every magazine cover, every tv show, and even in your home room, you see beautiful, skinny girls that seem to have everything they want Eating Disorders and Reproduction Essay Eating Disorders and Reproduction Eating disorders have numerous emotional, psychological, and physical consequences; despite this, many affected individuals refuse to admit that they have a problem.