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Essay Rubric The 5point essay: has a strong central idea (thesis) that is related to the topic; provides compelling support to the thesis topic; has a clear, logical organization with welldeveloped major points that are supported with concrete and specific evidence; uses effective transitions between ideas; Superior Accomplished Developing Beginning Points Content (40 points) Complete and thoughtful explanation 7 points Essay is handwritten.

Pages are smudged, badly torn, wrinkled, or creased. Pages are out of order or not fastened. 6 points Comments: TOTAL: 100 Class: Title: rubricessay. qxp Persuasive Essay Rubric Directions: Create a five paragraph persuasive essay with a proper introductory paragraph, body with main points and This standards based persuasive writing rubric is a great guide for writing an argument or persuasive essay.

Use to measure students ability to write an argument or opinion piece by persuasively by engaging the reader, stating a clear position, supporting details, excluding irrelevant information o Grades 4 56 Persuasive Writing Rubric Focus Content& Development Organization Style (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, mechanics) S T A T E The single controlling point made with an awareness of task (mode) about a specific topic.

The presence of ideas developed through facts, Grades 4 5 6 Persuasive rubric iRubric V: Persuasive Writing about a stated opinion. Free rubric builder and assessment tools. Skip to main content Persuasive Writing 5th Grade rubric preview rubric Point of View Smarter than a 5th Grader! Your piece of writing contains at least 4 reasonable reasons of persuasion with an example for each reason.

This persuasive essay rubric uses standards based grading (14) to assess the student writers in the following categories.

PersuasiveArgument Essay (Common Core Aligned) Complete Writing Unit: NonfictionExpository (Common Core Aligned) 50 Reading Prompts Sticky Note Power Point Current Events Handout Show not Tell 5POINT 312 WRITERS RUBRIC 2010, Education Northwest Page 3 VOICE The writer speaks directly to the reader in a way that is individual, compelling, and engaging.

The writer crafts the writing with an awareness and respect for the GSWrite Source Gr 9 Persuasive 6Point msp. 1 6Point Rubric for Persuasive Writing 6 The sentences spark the readers interest in the essay. 5 Variety is seen in both the types of sentences and their beginnings. 4 Variety is seen in most of the sentences.

Rhetorical analysis essays demonstrate sufficient examination of the author's point and the rhetorical strategies he uses to enhance the central idea. 91 85 79 70 5 GRADING RUBRIC ARGUMENT ESSAY Grade Description Scale 1 Scale 2 Scale 3 Scale 4 9 Essays earning a score of 9 meet the criteria for essays that are scored an 8 and, in