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Macromolecules: Glucose and covalently Bonded Monosaccharides Essay Four Main Macromolecules The cell, also known as the building blocks of life, is a necessity for any kind of life, but what exactly makes up the cell itself? Macromolecules are giant molecules with many atoms and very large masses for a molecule. Cells can combine small organic molecules into large macromolecules, forming a higher level in the biological hierarchy.

Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids are the four major classes of organic compounds in cells. 10. Which of the following macromolecules is primarily responsible for the insolubility of cell membranes in water? (A) Phospholipid (B) Starch (C) Cellulose (D) Glycogen (E) Protein 11.

Glucose is usually stored in animal cells in the form of (A) Glycogen (B) Cellulose (C) Cholesterol (D) Monosaccarides (E) Disaccharides 12. Macromolecules are basically large molecules, generally exceeding around 5000 daltons in weight. and short lived single strand RNA which acts to copy the information from one unwound strand of DNA during protein synthesis. mRNA contains a codon of 3 nucleotides that codes for an amino acid, or the end of the genetic information (Allaby 11 Aminoundecanoic Acid Synthesis Essay.

On By Kagamuro In 1. Conducting PolymerCyclodextrin HostGuest System for Cholesterol Biosensor. Synthesis of Novel Fluorinated Polymers via Cyclodextrin Complexes in Aqueous Solution.

andHelmutRitter Related Documents: Bio 109 Macromolecules Essay Essay on Cell and Cell Bio Spring 2015 Dehydration Synthesis (Condensation Reaction) two subunits linked through the removal of a water molecule absorbs energy Hydrolysis Reaction two subunits break apart by addition of a water molecule releases energy Nutrients: Food Energy Host macromolecules synthesis essay Hydrolysis of Macromolecules.

Title: Hydrolysis of macromolecules Abstract: This lab was designed to teach the process of hydrolysis, a chemical reaction in which water is added to a polymer, breaking its bonds and forming smaller molecules.

Macromolecules All PublicationsWebsite x. Select a CAS section from the 5 main topical divisions below: Applied. Air Pollution and Industrial Hygiene Synthesis of Complementary Host and GuestFunctionalized Polymeric Building Blocks and Their SelfAssembling Behavior.