Best laptop for kids homework

The best Chromebooks are among the best laptops for kids theyll usually have large, durable screens that are great for writing up book reports and doing homework. Most of them can install How can the answer be improved? Best Windows Laptop for Young Kids: Acer Spin 1 For just 329, the Acer Spin 1 offers key features that you won't find in many 2in1s that cost hundreds more.

Kids will appreciate the 1080p, 11. 6inch touch screen which is one of the most vibrant displays on the market while parents gawk at the allaluminum chassis.

This laptop also comes with a oneyear trial of the full MS Office program; which is great for older children that have homework. This system is built to last, and is durable enough for kids to pack it around with them. Best laptops for kids who love gaming Is your child happiest when hes online gaming with his buddies or finding the latest game to buy at the store?

If so, then youll want to buy a laptop that can do double duty as both a functional school and homework tool and as a gaming station for playtime. With so many laptops on the market today, theres no question that certain ones are better for your kids than others. From the best design, to the best parental controls, to the most durable, our picks for the top laptops for kids