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Backstroke Swimming Essay Swimming backstroke the complete guide to getting your stroke perfect, along with faults their causes and how to Swimming backstroke introduction Swimming backstroke is the third fastest " Swimming" In swimming there is no stroke harder to learn then the Butterfly stroke. This is the stroke where the swimmer swims kicking like a dolphin and pulling with his or her hands at the same time under the water and recovering for the next stroke above water with both arms at the same Short Essay on Swimming.

Article shared by. My favourite sport unquestionably is swimming. I learned swimming when I was six years old and my parents tell me that I took to swimming like a fish takes to water. There are several reasons why I prefer swimming over all other sports. However the topmost remains, my love of water. 100 FREE Papers on Swimming essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research& more.

Class 112, high school& college. Get a brief introduction to the sport of swimming. Obtain information about different modalities and style of professional sports swimming in this article.

What Is It About Swimming That We Love? An Essay By Jennifer J. Passions in America Podcast: Olympic Gold Medalist and SwimSwam Cofounder Mel Stewart. Mel Stewart: Few Olympians can say Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities all over the world. Swimming is also a form of sport in several countries. Besides, the number of injuries associated with swimming is comparatively lesser than other sports.

A lot of people Introduction to Swimming. The nice thing about swimming is that it's a relatively lowmaintenance, lowcost sport to take up. Unlike other activities like cycling, rock climbing, or even running (which can cost you up to 140 for a decent pair of shoes),