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The primary sources of environmental resources in the country can be considered to be the existing natural and human resources. Bangladesh this is very low compared to the density of population, and their demands.

Natural resources are most important for a country. There are many countries which directly depend on natural resources. Bangladesh is a developing country. Area of Bangladesh is small. We have also some natural resources.

Some are renewable and some are nonrenewable. Classification of natural Natural gas is the major indigenous nonrenewable energy resource in Bangladesh. Gas production has increased sharply over the last decade so that natural gas resources are likely to be exhausted in 12 to 15 years. Mineral resources Although Bangladesh is a small country, it has a number of mineral resources such as natural gas, oil, coal, hard rock, limestone, white clay, glass sand and mineral sand.

At present, natural gas is the only mineral commodity significantly contributing to the national economy. Essay about Natural Resources of Bangladesh Natural gas and oil There are 22 discovered gas fields in Bangladesh of various sizes. The total reserve of 20 gas fields is about 26 Tcf (trillion cubic feet).

Among the natural resources of Bangladesh are its arable land, timber, coal and natural gas. The most profitable of these resources is the fertile alluvial soil in the delta region largely molded by the country's physical geography.

natural resources and the research highlights the present conditions of natural resources. Most of the study and research on NRs focus on superficial problems, poverty, gender, and scientific measure of resource degradation. Natural Resources of Bangladesh Essay Preface Bangladesh is largely ethnically homogeneous. Indeed, its name derives from the Bengali ethnolinguistic group, which comprises 98 of the population. Bengalis, who also predominate in the West Bengal province of India, are one of the most populous ethnic groups in the world.

Assignment on natural resources of bangladesh (Present the main tasks specific to this assignment and output expectations the natural resource oriented stakeholders, relevant departments of Bangladesh.