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About the novel Ender's Game from Card's website; Ender's Game title listing at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database; Intergalactic Medicine Show: Online science fiction magazine published by Orson Scott Card. Features a new Ender's world story in For some of you, 30 September 2005 has been circled on your calendars ever since the release date of Serenity was announced.

That's because you have seen the TV series Firefly and you love these characters and can't wait to see them again. Some of you have no idea what all the hooplah is about. Some of you didn't even know there was any It has got to be about the most unashamedly geektastic thing I've read. And I liked it mostly.

It gets three stars for Nathan Fillion's contribution alone, and I really enjoyed some of the more feministleaning essays. On the other hand, not really interested in anything by Orson Scott Card or bloody libertarians. Orson Scott Card at Library of Congress Authorities, with 126 catalog records; Interviews and videos. An audio interview with Orson Scott Card (MP3 format) from Hour 25; Audio interview with Orson Scott Card at National Review Online; Interview at SFFWorld.

com" Behind the Scenes" : Orson Scott Card on Ender's Game" Creative education how Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, also analyzes the what an individual must give up for the survival of a group, but two of his characters, Ender Wiggin and Colonel Graff, Orson Scott Card's essay is particularly bad, all praise without any sort of analysis or insight. Card trashes all other scifi but doesn't really explain why SerenityFirefly is better.

As I tell my students, it's crucial to address strong Orson Scott Orson scott card firefly essay Biography The author of this book and many others, lead and interesting and fun life(at least for a mormon). Orson Card was born in on the art and business of science fiction writing. Over five hours of insight and advice. Recorded live at Uncle Orson's Writing Class in Greensboro, NC.

Orson Scott Card's essay reads pretty well even if you haven't seen a minute of Firefly. He compares Firefly and Serenity to other scifi movies out there, like Star Wars, Star Trek, and others, and he does a good job showing how Firefly is different, and in his opinion, better, to somebody who hasn't watched it yet. Contributors include actor Nathan Fillion, who played Captain Mal Reynolds, as well as noted science fiction writer Orson Scott Card.

Behindthescenes details are explored, including why Firefly makes such a good platform for the upcoming Multiverse online game (with an essay written by Multiverse executive producer Corey Bridges), while