Chocolate milk debate essay

For those who haven't followed the debate, here's a quick primer: Kids need calcium and Vitamin D, which milk contains, but many kids don't like drinking plain milk. Enter chocolate milk, a sweet and often highfat version of regular milk that offers the same nutrients but far more calories and sugar. A New Study Shows that Kids Drink Less Milk in Schools When Chocolate Milk Is Not Served (Adapted) Kids drinking less milk means they are losing out on nutrients.

( ) Researchers have found that when chocolate milk is not served in schools, many kids drink less milk. They do not drink regular milk. Instead they drink no milk Although milk is an important drink and an easy way for your child to get calcium and vitamin D into his diet, it is usually best to encourage your kids to drink plain white milk.

Adding chocolate flavoring just gives your child unnecessary sugar and calories. One might argue that the sugar is still an issue in chocolate milk, but regular white milk already has 14 grams of natural sugar, and chocolate milk has 22 grams of sugar in it.

Under these conditions chocolate milk only has 8 I believe chocolate milk is healthy in moderation. This because it is a better alternative than sugaring drinks for kids who dislike the taste of regular milk. Text Sets Chocolate Milk Debate.

The premium Pro 50 GB plan gives you the option to download a copy of your binder to your local machine. Learn More Fifth Grade students chose to be on the For chocolate milk or Against chocolate milk side of the argument.

The goal of the debate was really to learn about the process of debating, but the students clearly embraced the topic of chocolate milk. Their research was excellent and both sides cited studies. People just say chocolate milk is high is sugar and fat, but the truth is, chocolate milk is perfectly fine!

! My reasons: 1. Kids are attached to chocolate milk, if we take it away they won't get the nutrients chocolate milk contains. 2. Kids prefer chocolate milk. 3. Chocolate milk debate essay should keep serving chocolate milk. There should be chocolate milk because kids like it, it gives vitamins, and it gets kids in good habits.

Many kids love chocolate milk it makes them happy to see it in the cafeteria, their lunch box, at their kitchen table. Research shows that, overall, chocolate milk is pretty good for kids.