Corporate branding research paper

Correspondence analysis is used in branding research to analyse the relationship between brands and various brand characteristics (product and service attributes) through a brand map. This paper provides a selective overview of important recent developments in corporate marketing and brand research over as well as a look at visual aspects of four perspectives of branding as a complement to corporate branding research.

This paper makes an important contribution for scholars interested in corporate branding because it outlines, structures, and identifies the key institutions, journals, articles and authors in the field. Corporate Identity Research Papers Research papers on corporate identity examine the way in which a company presents itself to the public at large, both customers and employees. Business and MBA research papers on corporate identity can be written to focus on any aspect of a corporations branding or identity.

To assess the effectiveness of corporate branding strategy, this paper proposes three dimensions that can help the head office understand and manage their corporate brand effectively by evaluating them.

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They deal with topics related to brand elements, brand positioning, brand relationships, brand metrics, brand extensions and brand management over time.

brandrelated topics in recent years, generating scores of papers, articles, research reports, and books. This paper identifies some of the influential work in the branding area, highlighting what Corporate branding necessitates a different management approach.

It requires greater emphasis on factors internal to the organisation, paying greater attention to the role of employees in the Research Paper. Words 1, 210. This is a research paper on branding and brands.

Branding and Brands have become such common words and have been used so much over the past few years; however a lot of people fail to agree on what they actually mean.