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Baldassare Castiglione (Italian: [baldassare kastione; December 6, 1478 February 2, 1529), count of Casatico, was an Italian courtier, diplomat, soldier and a prominent Renaissance author, who is probably most famous for his authorship of Il Cortegiano or The Book of the Courtier. How can the answer be improved? Chaste definition is innocent of unlawful sexual intercourse. How to use chaste in a sentence.

Synonym Discussion of chaste chastely adverb As Glaze went in for a chaste kiss on the cheek, Perry turned her head at the last second and landed a kiss Chastely definition, refraining from sexual intercourse that is regarded as contrary to morality or religion; virtuous.

See more. Chastely Meaning of chastely in the English dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for chastely and translation of chastely to 25 languages. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. The mantel's chastely severe outline was ingloriously veiled behind some pert drapery drawn rakishly askew like the sashes of the Amazonian ballet. chaste definition and synonyms.

Using the thesaurus; Close. What Chastely kiss definition essay red words? a chaste kiss Synonyms and Explore Thesaurus derived word. chastely How To Compose A Definition Essay About Death: Simple Advice. No one wants to talk about death, at least not freely. The nature of the human species and human interaction is such that things like death are frowned upon. It is a dark subject that most people only talk about because they have to.

Abstaining from sexual intercourse prior to marriage. not doing it till your wed The word chaste has the definition of being pure sexually and morally. It is often associat ed with modesty, purity, decent, abstinence and cleanliness.

For as Mr Allworthy was a justice of peace, certain things occurred in examinations concerning bastards, and such like, which are apt to give great offence to the chaste ears of virgins, especially when they approach the age of