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July 19, 1997 Frederick Martin Davidson A former San Diego State University graduate student was sentenced to three consecutive life terms without parole for shooting to death three engineering professors at a meeting to defend his master's thesis. Frederick Martin Davidson (born 1960), aged 36 at the time of the shooting, was a mechanical engineering graduate student at SDSU.

On the day of the shooting, he was to defend his master's thesis in front of his victims. ExSan Diego State Student Pleads Guilty to Murdering 3 Professors. May 28, 1997 Frederick Martin Davidson, 36, will be given three consecutive life terms in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced Aug. 1, under a deal struck with prosecutors. Davidson had worked on his master's thesis about" smart metal SAN DIEGO Frederick Martin Davidson, shackled and downcast, pleaded innocent yesterday to three counts of murder in the fatal shootings Thursday of three engineering professors at the California Aug 17, 1996 SAN DIEGO Frederick Martin Davidson didn't wait to hear a panel of professors criticize his thesis.

As soon as the meeting began, police said, he pulled out a gun he had stashed hours earlier Nini's father, D. Preston Lowrey III, was one of three engineering professors killed Aug. 15, allegedly by Frederick Martin Davidson, a graduate student defending his thesis. Davidson, 36, awaits Jul 19, 1997 Frederick Martin Davidson, former San Diego State University graduate student, is sentenced to three consecutive life terms without parole for shooting to death three professors at meeting to Liang, 32, was faculty adviser to Frederick Martin Davidson, who allegedly fired at the faculty members gathered for his thesis defense.

Davidson and Liang had received a grant from McDonnell Douglas to research" shapememory alloy, " a metal that can be twisted and will hold its shape until heated.

Aug 16, 1996 Frederick Martin Davidson, 36, was arrested by campus police who raced to the building after a report that shots were fired, San Diego police said.

There were three eyewitnesses to the shootings Aug 16, 1996 After nine years at San Diego State University, engineering student Frederick Martin Davidson submitted his master's thesis and was called upon to defend it before a faculty committee.