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Log in and click Secure Documents in the Executive Branch Sydney Westervelt The executive branch is the most powerful branch of government. The executive branch makes the president commander in chief. It also gives the president the role of economic leader. And heshe can also make executive orders that have the force of law.

Executive agreement A formal agreement between the U. S. president and the leaders of other nations that does not require Senate approval.

agreement A formal agreement between a U. S. president and the leaders of other nations that acquires approval by both houses of Congress. AP United States Government and Politics 2011 Scoring Guidelines. Supreme Court to exercise power relative to the other branches of government within the system of checks and balances by including one of the following: taken by the presidentexecutive branch.

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The Executive Branch of government consists of the President who holds the power of the branch AP Government and Politics: United States Balance of Power Between and the Advanced Placement Program executive branch (bureaucracy), so Congress has to work with the president to avoid timeconsuming roadblocks and conflicts. So, they work together and compromise. AP US Government The US Constitution Study Guide.

Article 1. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On AP US Government The A power that the executive branch has over the legislative branch. VetoPocket Veto (Article 1, Section 7)