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There are a number of useful techniques for brainstorming, including freewriting, listing, clustering and mapping. But no matter which technique you use, there are really two essential steps to Clustering is a type of prewriting that allows a writer to explore many ideas as soon as they occur to them. Like brainstorming or free associating, clustering allows a writer to begin without clear ideas.

Clustering is a discovery strategy in which the writer groups ideas in a nonlinear fashion, using lines and circles to indicate relationships. is a structured technique based on the same associative principles as brainstorming and listing. Clustering is distinct As with other [invention techniques. .clustering should first be Brainstorming activities can help you get ideas for your essay and help you become less frustrated.

Brainstorming Three Activities Clustering Listing Freewriting Brainstorming Clustering Listing Freewriting Clustering 1. Start with the main topic of your essay. Brainstorming Techniques Reading.

While reading can be a form of procrastination, it can also jump start the writing process. As soon as youve finished a chapter or essay, copy a passage or two and write down some thoughts about it. This is a great way to force yourself to get started or keep writing.

Clustering, or mind mapping Clustering is similar to another process called Brainstorming. Clustering is something that you can do on your own or with friends or classmates to try to find inspiration in the connection between ideas. Do you think you could write an essay based on the ideas clustered here?

Can you come up with a Thesis Statement that would be Clustering or Mindmapping Once again, clustering and mindmapping, like brainstorming and freewriting, allow you to take inventory of your ideas. However, they both focus you on a central word (usually something that embodies a theme, topic, motif, etc. that is important to your ideas), which you then work out from by associating other words, ClusteringMind Map Instructions: Select one of the prompt s below.

Use the clustering strategy to get started. Remember, clustering is often referred to as mind mapping. This process allows you to explore how ideas fit together. Write the topic in the center circle and finish completing the outer circles with ideas that relate to the subject. Essay writing is a process, and process writing is a skill that is taught regularly at school. In general, the process is to brainstorm, write, Five useful strategies are brainstorming, clustering, free writing, looping, and asking the six journalists' questions Prewriting strategies use writing to generate and clarify ideas.

While many writers have traditionally created outlines before beginning writing, there are other possible prewriting activities.