How to write dog walking ads

These simple tips will help you create a basic pet sitting flyer and will get you walking the dog, playing with the cat and feeding the fish in Read about these 4 dogwalking claims that totaled more than 74K. 4. Make a plan to market your dogwalking services. When you start your dogwalking service youll want to get clientsfast!

Fortunately, there are many ways to market your dogwalking services to local pet owners that cost little to nothing. First, know your target audience.

By leading with a story rather than the price of the service, the dog walker is creating an interested and motivated buyer. It will be easier for this dog walker to charge slightly higher prices than dog walkers whose ads are only focused on the price of the service. Jun 14, 2008 For a low price, we will (enter services here) and allow you to take a break whilst being assured your dog is in safe hands! ' Then contact details, and add some pictures for effect, either Clipart ones or photographs you've taken of dogs etc.

Write a weekly column on pet care, buy display ad space and place the column as the ad. The column will say" advertorial, " or" this is an advertisement" at the top. Include a photo of you to make the ad more personal. Pick a topic and write a short Dog Tips from your Dog Walker flyer (For example Dog Walking Tips). Do your research and write something that is actually useful! Come up with about 10 useful tips to write about and then at the end you can introduce yourself and your contact info.

" A good dog handler, with wellbehaved dogs, should be able to walk six large dogs at a time. " It takes time and experience to build a repertoire. By knowing your goals, being patient and starting slowly, you can transition from office drone to successful dog walker. Dog owners will want to thoroughly vet you before hiring you. Be prepared with personal references and recommendations, even if they arent petrelated.

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