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I have experience democratic leaderships through playing on a high school football team, being apart of groups in college for class presentations, being a youth leader in my church, and also being apart of a family. I have gain important qualities of being a good leader through these experiences. How can the answer be improved? Published: Thu, 18 May 2017 The Qualities Of A Good Leader Introduction. Leaders have an important role within an organisation related to its success, productivity and the performance of the employees.

Leadership Qualities Essay What Makes a Good Leader There are many different styles of leadership and the majority of them are very effective, but despite these different approaches, all good leaders share a handful of characteristics.

The leader is at the centre of groups power structure, keeps the group together, infuses life into it, moves it towards its goals and maintains its momentum. He may emerge in a group by virtue of his personality characteristics and qualities or by virtue of common consent by group members.

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Each one of us wants to become a leader because we want to become superior and be respected. Being a leader or a superior is great fulfillment to your self because you have power to control things and demand whatever you want and most of all you gain respect from others. If yes, then you certainly have one of the most important qualities that make a great leader with unmatched management skills.

A good character helps people in putting their trust in you, which as we know is a very important characteristic in the A good leader has all these qualities in him. To elaborate further the qualities of a good leader there are three theories of leadership and these are (a) trait theory (b) behavioral theory and (c) situation theory.

The first approach (trait theory) views leadership as a conglomeration of a set of personality traits. Characteristics of a good leader may vary in the eye of the beholder, however, I believe that overall there are a few qualities that are critically important.

Throughout a persons life, the experiences they endure shape them and build them into an individual.