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A Child Called IT The book is an autobiography of David Pelzer. He writes about his struggle to stay alive in a home where he is treated like a slave and an animal. How can the answer be improved? A Child Called" It"by Dave Pelzer, is a first person narrative of a childs struggle through a traumatic abused childhood.

The book begins with Dave telling us about his last day at his Mothers house before he was taken away by law enforcement. A Child Called" It" is Dave's first book. You can find a section entitled" Perspectives on Child Abuse" at the end of the book where different key players in this case give their insight or feelings on Dave's abuse as it was unfolding before their eyes. A Child Called It, by Dave Pelzer, is an autobiography of a young boy who is starved, beaten, and tortured by his mother.

Despite this terrible beginning he manages to turn his life around. David uses his faith, a positive attitude, and determination to survive his mother's abuse. As an adult he won May 13, 2009  A Child Called It is a memoir written by Dave Pelzer, talking about his memories as a young boy when he was psychologically and physically abused by his mother.

The story starts when Pelzer is at a preadolescent age; at a young age, Pelzers mother treated him normally. The theme of A Child Called" It" is the various forms of child abuse. This autobiographical book simply records the plain facts about the truly horrible physical, verbal, and emotional abuse A Child Called" it" This Essay A Child Called" it" and other 64, 000 term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on ReviewEssays.

com Autor: review February 11, 2011 Essay 2, 069 Words (9 Pages) 1, 991 Views A Child Called 'It' David J. Pelzer's mother, Catherine Roerva, was, he writes in this ghastly, of a child. This book is also dedicated to the teachers and staff members Because I am so late, I have to report to the administrative office.

The grayhaired secretary greets me with a smile. A Child Called It is a heart wrenching true story about one child's survival of one of the worst child abuse cases ever reported in California history.

Dave Pelzer lived in a world of starvation, cruelty, and torture from the age of four until his rescue by courageous school officials at the age of