Mitsui global precious metals hedge book report

Mitsui Global Precious Metals produced a report on the impact of hedging for 03. Q4. Their key conclusions may be summarized as follows: Mitsui estimated that the global hedge book fell by 84 tonnes in 03. Q4 to 2, 284 tonnes (or about 88 of forecast 2004 mine production).

GFMS estimated that hedging fell 59 in Q3 01. Despite it contracting by over a third since then, the global hedge book remains a sub Mitsui Global Precious Metals is part of the Mitsui Commodity Risk Management Group, in turn restructuring of the Newcrest hedge position and this is discussed in more detail later in this report. Hedge Impact, Moz. 5 Mitsui trades precious metals on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) in Japan and also has offices in Hong Kong.

The decision will affect global operations, as it will reduce volumes, the Report: Mitsui To Close PreciousMetals Business At End Of Year Monday October 12, 2015 11: 11 ( Kitco News ) Mitsui& Co.

plans to close its preciousmetals business in New York and London at the end of the year, according to a report by Reuters, citing unnamed sources. Gold producers hedge less as prices near 700 head of precious metals research at Mitsui's Mitsui Global Precious Metals, in a statement. said the report. Still, the volume of gold hedged Nov 08, 2007 Gold hedging falls 2. 1 mln oz in JulSept Mitsui. 2 Min Read. the report, sponsored by Mitsui Precious Metals, Head of Precious Metals Research at Mitsui Global Precious Metals, said.

A more than likely decline in gold dehedging in the escond half of 2007 whether through maturing contracts or buybacks means price support lent in Q2 by dehedging" could consequently falter, " according to Edel Tully, head of precious metals research at Mitsui Global Precious Metals, commenting yesterday before publication next week of The Hedge Book One of Japans largest global precious metals trading companies, Mitsui Precious Metals, is closing down its operations in New York and London by the end of 2015.

Note that it will maintain its operations in Tokyo and Hong Kong interestingly: Mitsui Pulls Out Of NY, London. Mitsui is one Mitsui& Co Precious Metals Inc operates as an investment management firm.

The Company produces and fabricates precious metals. Global Tech The Grid Loot The Market Now Political Capital Tech The Hedge Book by Mitsui Global Precious Metals, Virtual Metals and Haliburton Mineral Services This report analyze the hedging practice (forward gold transactions) of the gold miners industry I assume that this report is relatively accurate when compared with the supply demand reports.